Discovery Higher Ed - US 

Brian Murphy Group’s Discovery Higher Ed-US database contains US higher ed course adoption information from spring 2018 and fall 2018. It was created by a team of publishing industry professionals to provide instant access to comprehensive market reporting data and email mailing lists to solve three trends that continue to threaten profitability in textbook publishing:

  1. Lack of market share data from a truly comprehensive view of the market. Until now, available tools captured only a sliver of the market’s data. Discovery draws from the total US Higher Ed market to give publishers a much more complete and accurate picture of nation-wide textbook sales, including:
    • Market share and performance of their own titles and competitors titles.
    • Identify total addressable market by course and discipline to identify growing market segments.
    • Provides access to instructor feedback from a much larger base of reviewers, as searches can be performed by ISBN or title to see all instructors employing a specific book or version.
    • Search for title adoption across multiple departments.
  1. Lack of reliable adoption data with which to develop sales strategies, tactics, and territory goals. Discovery allows you to expand your sales force’s reach to include hundreds of new targets, so sales personnel can spend their time selling efficiently to the right instructors at the right schools with the right books. Sales management now has a tool to set aggressive territorials goals based on actual territorial opportunities (comprehensive current adoption data and total addressable market), with an emphasis on takeaway adoptions.
  2. Lack of comprehensive contact information with which to deploy low-cost email campaigns to target prospects for exam copies. Increase your target count significantly and use the email addresses and phone numbers included in Discovery for as many campaigns as you like, for one flat annual cost.

Brian Murphy Group’s Discovery Higher Ed-US aggregates, updates, and reports on nationwide higher education textbook sales by ISBN, school, campus, department, course, instructor, and enrollment size. Data is updated regularly throughout the current semester, and contact information provided for instructors includes email addresses and school mailing addresses.

Discovery Higher Ed-US’s intuitive data management interface makes it easy to optimize target-contact lists, and with one click, export customized datasets for use on a client’s CRM or email campaign platform. Additionally, BMG’s Professional Services team can integrate the entire Discovery database to a client’s CRM, including all mid-semester updates, email contacts, and other information, if desired.

Discovery Higher Ed-US provides the business intelligence your Editorial, Marketing, and Sales teams need to drive more efficient use of their time, drive more effective use of corporate resources, and increase sales.

Market Maker

BMG’s Market Maker service provides complete turnkey marketing and sales support to commercial publishers and university presses. BMG Marketing Coordinators leverage the Discovery Higher Ed US database, which includes 50% of all US higher ed adoptions from spring 2018, to create email campaigns that raise the profile and prestige of your titles, increase exam copy requests, and secure class adoptions at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales methods.

BMG’s Discovery database was created by a team of publishing industry professionals to provide instant access to comprehensive market reporting data and email lists, to increase efficiency in assessing target markets and accessing larger pools of professors. The nationwide database includes the following data fields, from which custom reports can be created and exported:

School Name, Course Name, Section, Title, ISBN, Author Name, Professor Name, Professor Email Address, Mailing address, and Section Adoption.

BMG’s Market Maker operates on a fully Integrated CRM and provides real-time, web-based reporting. Our web portal will provide clients with up-to-the-minute, on-line reporting on the status of all campaign contact activity. Bi-weekly calls with our clients ensure the achievement of campaign goals.

Direct access to the Discovery Database is discounted for UPs employing Market Maker service.