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Spring 2024 Market Intelligence Data!

Detailed Adoption Information--including products-in-use and decision-maker contact information exclusively available from bmg.  

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bmg's PricePoint Solution!

Unlock the Latest in Learning Material Prices with bmg's PricePoint Solution!

Introducing bmg's PricePoint: the ultimate tool for accessing the most comprehensive, up-to-date pricing intelligence in the higher education marketplace. Whether you're launching a new learning solution in the marketplace or aiming to stay competitive, PricePoint is your gateway to making informed decisions.

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MarketPoint &

Unlock the the Power of Precision Targeting

These outreach services blend the power of our unmatched targeting intelligence, higher ed expertise, and marketing systems with your messaging.

It’s all about unlocking the full potential of your learning solutions and the best return on your investment.

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Support for 3 Key Stakeholder Teams

Unmatched Market Intelligence and Market Connections for Higher Education Stakeholders

Support for 3 Key Stakeholder Teams

We help institutional, publishing, and analyst teams achieve a deep understanding of the US higher ed competitive dynamics and mission-critical strategic planning goals.

Our proprietary technologies power the bmg Discovery Market Intelligence Engine--a comprehensive database and reporting engine of U.S. higher education curriculum and course-specific data.

We are the ongoing source of complete, accurate, and continuously-updated data through multiple data releases each year.

Helping teams and their boards quickly gain clarity on their peer institutions, as well as regional and national market dynamics in order to make better, faster strategic decisions.

Helping educational publishing, academic publishing, and edtech decision makers identify opportunities and convert prospects for innovative learning materials.

Providing higher ed analysts with the most comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date curriculum data set.