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Detailed Adoption Information--including products-in-use and decision-maker contact information exclusively available from bmg.  

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Market Intelligence and Market Connections for the Learning Creator Community

bmg Publisher Support

Helping publishers and learning creators find and reach specific people who teach specific courses across U.S. higher education has been at the core of bmg market intelligence efforts since the beginning.

Today, teams who deliver learning materials has exploded beyond publishing as we knew it a decade ago.  The term “publishers” in fact has become shorthand for a host of learning creators—from textbook houses and university presses to OER initiatives and edtech companies.

What all these providers and their dedicated teams share in common is a deep desire to create positive change by challenging the status quo...  to improve educational access and move teaching, learning, and new knowledge forward.

This Page is for Higher Education Learning Creators

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  • University Presses
  • Edtech Solutions Providers
  • OER Providers
  • eLearning Providers
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bmg's PricePoint Solution!

Unlock the Latest in Learning Material Prices with bmg's PricePoint Solution!

Introducing bmg's PricePoint: the ultimate tool for accessing the most comprehensive, up-to-date pricing intelligence in the higher education marketplace. Whether you're launching a new learning solution in the marketplace or aiming to stay competitive, PricePoint is your gateway to making informed decisions.

The Changing Dynamics in US Higher Education

Stale market information and long-held assumptions hold no value in a transformational time. 

Detailed, up-to-date data-driven insights into industry dynamics and the competitive landscape is critical to success in higher education’s transformational marketplace.

Our proprietary technologies and the Discover Market Intelligence Engine help our clients transform their organizations to meet changing market dynamics and to quickly develop a positive impact on their targeted higher education stakeholders.

And that is the unifying theme our diverse clients share:  leading and sustaining positive change in higher education. Whatever strategic challenges our clients confront—from share change and market disruption to trending solutions and targeted outreach—bmg provides the unique foundational solution.

Our continuously updated data helps develop and deliver strategic opportunities for clients by providing in-depth market, competitor, and customer insight.

Two Ways We Support Learning Creators

Enterprise License

Enterprise License

License unlimited access to details on more than 18M opportunities in U.S. higher education.

MarketPoint Outreach Services

MarketPoint Outreach Services

MarketPoint is a set of collaborative campaign creation and management services designed to provide precision targeted marketing and sales services with unmatched, measurable results.

Our historical 95% delivery rate combined with an unsubscribe rate of less than 1% are unmatched in the industry and illustrate the power of getting the compelling and informative messages to the right prospects.

The Enterprise License.

All Access Enterprise License.  Access to the full bmg Discovery Market Intelligence Engine including all data and multiple data updates each year of your enterprise license along with the ability to create and export reports.  Your teams will have the most comprehensive, powerful, and up-to-data market intelligence engine available in the industry along with the tools to quickly find and leverage the market intelligence your teams need to take positive action.

MarketPoint & MarketPoint+

The goal of MarketPoint and MarketPoint+ is to provide the publishing and edtech community a collaborative, proven, and cost-effective service for reaching higher education decision makers. These outreach services blend the power of our unmatched targeting intelligence, higher ed expertise, and marketing systems with your messaging.

It’s all about unlocking the full potential of your learning solutions and the best return on your investment.

What Our Client Say...
Director of Health Professions, Medical, & Specialty Sales Health Learning, Research & Practice, Wolters Kluwer

“We employed the Brian Murphy Group to help us better identify target customers for some of our markets. As a result we saw several of our products increase sales due to the improved information and allowing us success in markets we had not entered previously.”

VP Business Development/Operations, National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning

“The Brian Murphy Group [bmg] was able to produce immediate results on a technology sales effort for us in the AP market. Their deep knowledge in School and Higher Ed markets makes them invaluable in business development, strategy and sales planning.”

Marketing and Sales Director, Georgetown University Press

"I highly recommend BMG. They are ideal partners for modest-sized publishers who want the same experience and effectiveness as an in-house sales team at one of the large corporate textbook publishers.

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Market Intelligence for Higher Learning Creators bmg's Discovery Market Intelligence Engine

Market Intelligence for Higher Learning Creators bmg's Discovery Market Intelligence Engine

BMG’s Discovery Market Intelligence Engine provides US higher ed course adoption, book-in-use and instructor email information from Fall 2017 through the current selling season.  Data can be accessed via our website or through system integration with a client CRM.


Our proprietary data sets include up-to-date institutions, department, course, product(s)-in-use, faculty, and faculty email contact information.

The Discovery Market Intelligence Engine was created by a team of publishing industry professionals to provide instant access for leadership teams to timely data to produce comprehensive market share reporting, develop more informed sales strategies, tactics, and territory goals, and deploy lower-cost, highly targeted email campaigns to a much larger pool of instructors with the click of one button.

Examples Output | Discovery Marketing Intelligence Engine  

Table Format:  Discovery sample search results below in a table format detail institution, product(s)-in-use, course, instructor, and instructor contact information.


Graphical Format:  Discovery sample search result below in a graphical format are easy-to-use built-in reports designed to help teams quickly interpret market conditions.


Advanced Targeted Outreach bmg's Market Maker Service

Advanced Targeted Outreach bmg's Market Maker Service

bmg’s Market Maker Service provides complete turnkey marketing and sales support to commercial publishers and university presses.  BMG Marketing Coordinators leverage the Discovery – US Higher Ed database, which includes 90% of all US higher ed adoptions through Fall 2023, to create high quality, targeted email campaigns that raise the profile and prestige of client titles, increase exam copy requests, and secure class adoptions at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales methods.

MM Stats 12.13.19

BMG’s Market Maker operates on a fully Integrated CRM and provides real-time reporting on the status of all campaign contact activity via a client web portal.  Bi-weekly client calls ensure the achievement of campaign goals.  Market Maker’s campaign management service offerings include the following functionality:

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 12.41.23 PM