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MarketPoint & MarketPoint+

Unlock the Latest in Learning Material Prices with bmg's PricePoint Solution!

Welcome to BMG's revolutionary outreach services designed to redefine how academic publishers and edtech solution providers connect with higher education institutions.

Our MarketPoint and MarketPoint Plus services are meticulously crafted to enhance the visibility and adoption of your materials on campuses nationwide.

With our proprietary Discovery Market Intelligence Engine, powering 93% of U.S. higher education adoptions, we offer a strategic pathway to boost awareness, increase examination copy requests, and secure classroom adoptions, all while minimizing costs compared to traditional sales methods.

Why Choose BMG's
MarketPoint & MarketPoint+

  1. Unrivaled Data Intelligence: Utilize our Discovery Market Intelligence Engine for highly targeted campaigns that  truly resonate with your academic audience.

  2. Customized Targeting and Messaging: Strategically target potential adoptions based on competitive products, course relevance, and preferred formats.

  3. Marketing Support: Benefit from our deep understanding of the higher education landscape and tailored campaign strategies.

  4. Integrated CRM and Real-Time Insights: Access immediate campaign performance insights through our exclusive client web portal.

  5. Proactive Partnership: Align campaign strategies with your goals through bi-weekly strategy sessions for maximum impact.

MarketPoint * MarketPoint+

Precision Targeting Capabilities:

Maximize your campaign's effectiveness with our precise targeting options:

  • Target by Competitive Product: We help identify and engage audiences interested in targeted competitive offering in the marketplace, ensuring your campaigns are seen by the prospects most likely to have a deep interest in your solution.
  • Target by Course: Reach instructors and decision-makers for specific courses where your titles could be adopted to augment or replace in-place solutions, making your outreach highly relevant and timely.
  • Target by Format: Cater to preferences for digital or print formats, customizing your message to align with the audience's needs, goals, and habits.


Our Exceptional Performance Metrics:

  • Delivery Rate: 95%
  • Unsubscribe Rate: Less than 1%
  • Open Rate: 28%
  • Click-Through Rate: 7%-10%
  • Exam Copies: Our campaigns facilitated 18,000 examination copy requests in 2023, showcasing our ability to drive academic engagement.
MarketPoint vs. MarketPoint+

BMG’s MarketPoint and MarketPoint+ Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Our MarketPoint service includes in-depth research and targeting, along with comprehensive campaign management, offering unparalleled value and return on investment.

MarketPoint Plus includes all the MarketPoint services and adds the additional values of confirming receipt of exam copies and confirmation of adoptions for a small additional service fee.  

Typically, just ONE adoption generates enough revenue to more than cover the costs of your campaign.

PricePoint in Action

PricePoint in Action

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Ready to Get Started?

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MarketPoint & MarketPoint+

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Market Intelligence for Higher Learning Creators bmg's Discovery Market Intelligence Engine

Market Intelligence for Higher Learning Creators bmg's Discovery Market Intelligence Engine

BMG’s Discovery Market Intelligence Engine provides US higher ed course adoption, book-in-use and instructor email information from Fall 2017 through the current selling season.  Data can be accessed via our website or through system integration with a client CRM.


Our proprietary data sets include up-to-date institutions, department, course, product(s)-in-use, faculty, and faculty email contact information.

The Discovery Market Intelligence Engine was created by a team of publishing industry professionals to provide instant access for leadership teams to timely data to produce comprehensive market share reporting, develop more informed sales strategies, tactics, and territory goals, and deploy lower-cost, highly targeted email campaigns to a much larger pool of instructors with the click of one button.

Examples Output | Discovery Marketing Intelligence Engine  

Table Format:  Discovery sample search results below in a table format detail institution, product(s)-in-use, course, instructor, and instructor contact information.


Graphical Format:  Discovery sample search result below in a graphical format are easy-to-use built-in reports designed to help teams quickly interpret market conditions.

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Advanced Targeted Outreach bmg's MarketPoint Services

Advanced Targeted Outreach bmg's MarketPoint Services

By leveraging our proprietary Discovery Market Intelligence Engine, which includes an impressive 93% of U.S. higher education adoptions through the latest academic term, our MarketPoint and MarketPoint+ services offer a targeted and strategic pathway to boost awareness of your titles, increase requests for sample copies and/or product demonstrations, and secure classroom adoptions.

MarketPoint & MarketPoint+

Exceptional Performance Metrics

  • Delivery Rate: 95%
  • Unsubscribe Rate: Less than 1%
  • Open Rate: 28%
  • Click-Through Rate: 7%-10%
  • Exam Copies: In 2023, our campaigns facilitated 18,000 requests for examination copies and/or product demos, showcasing our capability to significantly increase academic engagement with your titles.

MarketPoint operates on a fully Integrated dashboard and provides real-time reporting on the status of all campaign contact activity via a client web portal. 

MarketPoint & MarketPoint+

Why Choose MarketPoint, BMG's Enhanced Outreach Service?

  • Unrivaled Higher Education Market Intelligence: Utilizing our Discovery Market Intelligence Engine—the leading source for U.S. higher education data—we research and craft highly targeted, impactful outreach campaigns that resonate with your desired academic audience. Our historical 95% delivery rate combined with an unsubscribe rate of less than 1% are unmatched in the industry and illustrate the power of getting the compelling and informative messages to the right prospects.
  • Comprehensive, Collaborative Marketing and Sales Support: As your marketing and sales ally, BMG's MarketPoint and MarketPoint Plus services aid commercial publishers, university presses, and edtech solution providers in engaging the academic market effectively. Our deep understanding of the evolving U.S. higher education marketplace combined with our proprietary market intelligence data ensures timely and targeted campaign strategies that generate measurable results.
  • Integrated Dashboard and Real-Time Insights: Leveraging a fully integrated dashboard, our MarketPoint and MarketPoint Plus services provide immediate insights into your campaign's performance, accessible via an exclusive client web portal for unparalleled transparency and control.
  • Proactive On-Going Campaign Partnership: Through bi-weekly strategy sessions, we fully align our best-practices and precision-based MarketPoint campaign model with your goals, customizing our approach to meet your specific needs for maximum impact.
  • Customized Targeting and Messaging: Your campaigns are strategically designed, targeting potential adoptions based on competitive products, course offering, and preferred formats, ensuring precision and effectiveness.