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The Most Comprehensive Market Intelligence Dataset

bmg Industry Analyst Support

Higher education analysts, advisory firms, and industry media have long relied upon bmg as a critical and unique source of up-to-date course, curriculum, seats, and learning materials data to help distill and support positions on market trends, market opportunities, and market value.

As unsettled higher ed market dynamics continue to challenge strategic planning, build-or-buy decisions, merger and acquisition analytics, and startup timelines, up-to-date market intelligence is a must-have resource to power critical decisions.

Our Discovery Marketing Intelligence Engine includes data on 14M+ courses across US higher education providers.

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  • Merger & Acquistions Teams
  • Consulting Firms
  • White Paper Authors

Two Ways We Support The Analyst Community

Analyst teams require the most comprehensive and update datasets to build their fact base and unlock insights for their teams and/or their clients.

At BMG, we research, vet, consolidate, and organize millions of curriculum datapoints from thousands of sources.And we update that information every semester. The bmg Discovery Market Intelligence Engine provides most detailed and up-to-date information on the state of U.S. higher education curriculum and courses. 

Enterprise License

Enterprise License

Unlimited access to details on more than 14M+ courses in U.S. higher education

Customized Datasets

Customized Datasets

In some cases, very specific sets of data are needed to complete an analysis.  We are happy to help!

The Enterprise License

All Access Enterprise License.  Access to the full bmg Discovery Market Intelligence Engine including all data and multiple data updates each year of your enterprise license along with the ability to create and export reports.  

Customized Datasets

For smaller and fast-moving projects, we can pull targeted datasets and reports.

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Market Intelligence for Higher Education Stakeholders bmg's Discovery Market Intelligence Engine

Market Intelligence for Higher Education Stakeholders bmg's Discovery Market Intelligence Engine

BMG’s Discovery Market Intelligence Engine provides US higher ed course adoption, book-in-use and instructor email information from Fall 2017 through the current selling season.  Data can be accessed via our website or through system integration with a client CRM.


Our proprietary data sets include up-to-date institutions, department, course, product(s)-in-use, faculty, and faculty email contact information.

The Discovery Market Intelligence Engine was created by a team of publishing industry professionals to provide instant access for leadership teams to timely data to produce comprehensive market share reporting, develop more informed sales strategies, tactics, and territory goals, and deploy lower-cost, highly targeted email campaigns to a much larger pool of instructors with the click of one button.

Examples Output | Discovery Marketing Intelligence Engine  

Table Format:  Discovery sample search results below in a table format detail institution, product(s)-in-use, course, instructor, and instructor contact information.


Graphical Format:  Discovery sample search result below in a graphical format are easy-to-use built-in reports designed to help teams quickly interpret market conditions.