Market Intelligence for US Higher Education Publishers

BMG’s Discovery Database provides US higher ed course adoption, book-in-use and instructor email information from Fall 2017 through the current selling season.  Data can be accessed via our website or through system integration with a Client CRM.


Data sets include up-to-date school, product, course, and professor information.  Discovery was created by a team of publishing industry professionals to provide instant access for Editorial, Marketing and Sales personnel to timely data to produce comprehensive market share reporting, develop more informed sales strategies, tactics, and territory goals, and deploy lower-cost, highly targeted email campaigns to a much larger pool of instructors with the click of one button.

Discovery data enrichment milestones are as follows:

Data Values

Discovery Search Result Sample Showing Book, School, Course and Instructor Information


Graphical Reporting: Market share summary and detail data are available in multiple report types.


Please contact our sales team for more information and a full walkthrough of the database: