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Welcome To bmg Institutional Research

Welcome To bmg Institutional Research

bmg Institutional Research is a comprehensive higher education data and reporting solution that empowers education leaders to make informed decisions about their institution's curriculum strategies and course offerings and the leading provider of historical, trend, and up-to-date curriculum information.

With our platform, higher education leadership teams can easily access and analyze valuable information on courses, materials, instructors, and more, all sorted by key factors such as institution name and region.

Whether teams are looking to optimize their existing offerings, increase awareness of course material trends, or better understand the competition, bmg Institutional Research provides instant access to  detailed information on more than 17 million course offerings.

Institutional Leadership Support

Data-Driven Decisions. Faster.

Institutional leadership teams explore critical strategic and operational questions via our Discovery Market Intelligence Engine--from the curriculum offerings of competitive and peer institutions and estimated course enrollments to accelerating growth of open educational resources (OER) and online lab offerings.

  • Comprehensive Data Set

    Access valuable information on courses, materials, instructors, and more, all in one place.

  • Easy To Use

    Our platform is designed with ease of use in mind, making it easy to get started and find the information you need quickly.

  • Customizable

    Sort and filter data by institution type, region, and other key factors to get the insights that matter most to your teams, your board, and your institution. 

  • Informed Decisions, Faster

    Make data-driven decisions about your institution's curriculum and enrollment strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

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Tracking Details for 17 Million Courses

With detailed information (including  course name, course number, materials-in-use) for more than 17 MILLION courses, bmg Institutional Research provides  the must-have, go-to resources to ensure the institutional leaders have critical, up-to-date market information available for decision making.


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Market Intelligence for Higher Education Stakeholders bmg's Discovery Market Intelligence Engine

Market Intelligence for Higher Education Stakeholders bmg's Discovery Market Intelligence Engine

BMG’s Discovery Market Intelligence Engine provides US higher ed course adoption, book-in-use and instructor email information from Fall 2017 through the current selling season.  Data can be accessed via our website or through system integration with a client CRM.


Our proprietary data sets include up-to-date institutions, department, course, product(s)-in-use, faculty, and faculty email contact information.

The Discovery Market Intelligence Engine was created by a team of publishing industry professionals to provide instant access for leadership teams to timely data to produce comprehensive market share reporting, develop more informed sales strategies, tactics, and territory goals, and deploy lower-cost, highly targeted email campaigns to a much larger pool of instructors with the click of one button.

Examples Output | Discovery Marketing Intelligence Engine  

Table Format:  Discovery sample search results below in a table format detail institution, product(s)-in-use, course, instructor, and instructor contact information.


Graphical Format:  Discovery sample search result below in a graphical format are easy-to-use built-in reports designed to help teams quickly interpret market conditions.


Comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate higher education data is essential for leading vibrant, resilient institutions.

At bmg, we capture, vet, organize, and validate U.S. higher education curriculum data.

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