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Support for the AUPresses Community
bmg Began Over a Decade Ago Working with University Presses

What Our Clients Say

BMG uses proprietary software and their deep knowledge of the textbook market to identify strong leads and pursue them. BMG's strong advance work on forthcoming textbooks enables us to recoup our investment in textbooks sooner. Shortly after the sales team started working for us, we saw the results of their strategies. By the time our new Russian textbook hit the warehouse, we already had a good number of firm course adoptions. I highly recommend BMG. They are ideal partners for modest-sized publishers who want the same experience and effectiveness as an in-house sales team at one of the large corporate textbook publishers.

Virginia Veiga Bryant
Marketing and Sales Director, Georgetown University Press

Advanced Targeted Outreach bmg's Market Maker Services

Advanced Targeted Outreach bmg's Market Maker Services

bmg’s Market Maker Service provides complete turnkey marketing and sales support to commercial publishers and university presses.  BMG Marketing Coordinators leverage the Discovery – US Higher Ed database, which includes 90% of all US higher ed adoptions through fall 2023, to create high quality, targeted email campaigns that raise the profile and prestige of client titles, increase exam copy requests, and secure class adoptions at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales methods.

MM Stats 12.13.19

BMG’s Market Maker operates on a fully Integrated CRM and provides real-time reporting on the status of all campaign contact activity via a client web portal.  Bi-weekly client calls ensure the achievement of campaign goals.  Market Maker’s campaign management service offerings include the following functionality:

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