Educational Technology

BMG is uniquely positioned to drive the successful launch, sales, marketing and support of your ed-tech products and services.  Having led the launches of some of the most influential ed tech brands in higher ed, BMG has decades of experience with product development, pre-launch marketing, testing and lead generation, targeted sales and sales force training as well as customer experience solutions including end-user support and user peer advocacy.  We will meet with your stakeholders to understand the differences between engineering capabilities and user benefits  to create an environment in which launched products and services are poised to quickly develop a following and garner market share.  Our network of reviewers and super users provides meaningful feedback during all phases of development and our experience supporting customers post launch guarantees long-term loyalty and growth.  We ask the right questions, overcome  obstacles, build user interest and prepare your sales teams and customers for rapid growth.

We’ll provide:

  • Pre-launch market research and seeding
  • Market analysis in Higher Ed and K-12
  • Development strategies that ensure your product is meeting the needs of your targeted audience
  • Expert sales implementation for K-12 and Higher Ed
  • Feedback from experts and end decision makers
  • SALES!