Why use BMG?

  • We have been working in Educational Publishing since 1986.
  • We have worked in Educational Technology since 1995. We know the pitfalls and the trends.
  • We’re international! Our Dublin office can help promote your products in EMEA, LATAM and APAC.
  • Our contacts are wide and ranging and center on key decision makers at every level of the institution.
  • Our proprietary software, DASH will ensure your titles/content are considered by the largest possible pool of prospective adopters. Why waste time and money on individual Google searches? While others are searching, we’ll be selling.
  • BMG was formed 5 years ago to simplify, improve and make the process of reaching prospective adopters more efficient.
  • Results! As a National Sales Manager in the Publishing Industry I’ve been frustrated working with contractors whose results never justified their expense. In our value proposition we assume all the risk.
  • We view our relationship as a true partnership. When you succeed, we do as well.